In these stressful times, physical, emotional, mental, and financial wellness has become more critical than ever. Wellness icon Deepak Chopra has been focused on helping others with their health on all levels for decades. However, with recent events, Chopra has become more actively involved in other programs to provide further assistance. 

This involvement includes partnering with Personal Capital on its Financial Heroes campaign earlier this year to promote financial empowerment. He is also spearheading a global mental health initiative called Love In Action, and NeverAlone with his Chopra Foundation, and he recently released his 91st book, entitled, “Total Meditation.” 

As an advocate for financial wellness, Chopra believes the holiday season is a time where it is easy to become unbalanced in this area. He notes, “During this stressful time, it’s important to focus on financial well-being. That’s what people want more than money itself: they want to feel secure and healthy.”

In helping spread the gift of financial wellness, Chopra offers these five tips:

1. Refocus Your Money Mindset

He admonishes people to believe that their net worth does not define their self-worth. “If money becomes an addiction, then you’re going to be unhappy. Being a billionaire or winning the lottery is not going to make you happy, but having money is going to make you a lot more comfortable. Therefore, money is an important aspect of your life.”

Instead, the better approach to take involves proactively understanding your financial situation. In doing so, you will be able to be more mindful and confident about how you use your money.

2. Use Money for What Brings You Joy

Chopra believes that money is a useful tool. However, money itself is not the sole source of joy or happiness. He explains, “Fulfillment occurs when you have meaning and purpose in your life, and furthermore when you use your money for joy, for pleasure, for experiences that you’ve never had before, for helping others, and for creating for yourself financial confidence.”

Helping others has always been known to provide a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Therefore, supporting others is a great use of wealth. There are numerous charitable organizations that you can donate to as well as local families in need that could benefit from a financial gift. As Chopra states, “The fastest way to be happy is to make someone else happy.”

3. Resist Unmindful Spending

It is easy to buy into the idea that more material things bring more happiness. Deepak immigrated to the U.S. in 1970 as a newlywed with $20. While working as a low-paid medical intern, he was convinced that he should borrow money to buy a television and car. 

He recalls that he spent money that he had not earned to buy things he did not want or need. When he thought about why he was spending money he did not yet have, Chopra admitted that it was to impress others who he did not actually care about.

4. Have Honest Conversations About Finances

Most people have probably received advice about money that has influenced their relationship with finances in some way. These conversations should continue because It is important to keep the dialogue going about money with those who are close to us.